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"You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you never take"
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Congratulations to the Yellow Team on the Championship win. 6-5 shootout victory.

Congratulations to the Light Blue Team on the winning the Toilet Bowl Game

Tuesday Night Guys

Thursday Night Guys


Yellow Gorilla's are the 7th Annual Bud/Captain Cup Champions

Also congratulations to the Greyhound Tug's win the Toilet Bowl Game ( or not winning the game and coming in dead last)


Red River Rivalry is the 6th Annual Bud/Captain Cup Champions

A special thanks to everyone the helped us out or participated this summer.


Thanks to Derek Urtel, we now have something else to strive for every year (Not that we didn't before) :-)

Something to make us be better, faster, stronger or maybe just drink more beer after the games?

That something, is the new "MVP Power Belt" (insert crazy crowd cheering and folding chairs being thrown around)

Every year the "MVP Power Belt" will be passed from player to player at the end of the Bud/Captain Cup Finals

to the person that truly gets the meaning of what it takes to be the best Beer League Hockey Player in the world, THE WORLD!!!

A day or two before the Championship game is played all of the teams will vote for who they think

deserves to get their name scribed onto the belt for eternity and then it will be presented to the winner just before the

coveted BCC Cup is handed to the winning team.

Good luck everyone and keep your head up at all times!!!


Congrats to John (Woodsy) Wood for giving us our first set of stitches during the 2014-2015 winter season.

6 in the eyebrow & 2 in the nose

Funny thing is, Batty wasn't even on the ice for this one and I was on the bench...

Before and after the visit to the local late night surgeon...

Good as new!!!


The Frequent Flyer's take home the 2014 Bud/Captain Cup!!!

Congratulations to the 2014 Flyer's for winning the coveted Bud/Captain Cup!

The Random Rangers take home the 2014 BCC Toilet Bowl!!!

Congrats to the 2014 Rangers for putting the smack down on the Busty Bruins and claiming the Toilet Bowl as their own...



Please welcome the WMBLHA's first ever employee "Micah Bijou"

Micah is a freshman student at the Waconia High School and has been involved in one way or another since the WMBLHA first started in 2009.

He enjoys hanging out with friends, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, dirt-biking and just about anything that will get him out of the house :-)

As I have gotten older, wiser, slower and busier over the years I realized I just don't have enough time to continue growing the league the way I wanted to and found myself a bit short handed to say the least. Knowing what I was facing I offered Micah the opportunity to help me and he was more than willing to do it.

Micah has definitely put in the time over the past 5 years, whether it was helping me separate jerseys, getting my gear in my truck, running the scoreboard or slinging beats for our playoff games or collecting money, Micah has been involved since the beginning.

Micah will be learning the in's and out's of what it takes to run an Elite Hockey Beer League such as ours. Its not only time, but it is lot's of planning and trying to come up with new creative ideas to ensure our members enjoy the experience (TO) .

Things he will learn in the coming weeks and months...

How to navigate the website builder page and learn how to add/remove photos, articles, post schedules, hopefully get back on pace for the monthly "Player Profile Updates" etc. (Basically I.T. 101, 102 and beyond).

He will learn how to communicate with the City of Waconia and other rink personnel to schedule ice, purchase ice and most importantly pay the bills.

Assist in ordering jerseys for summer league and working with on-line suppliers and close call deadlines (Logistics).

Send out daily reminders for games, tournaments and send out league updates.

Assist with events like our BBQ & Corn, Winter X-mas Party & the coveted Bud / Captain Cup Tournament.

Micah's contact info via email is overtime@wmblha.comand if for whatever reason you cant reach him don't hesitate to reach out to me.

So please welcome him to our group next time you see him shuffling around the rink or at one of our events.

Below are a few pictures of Micah doing what he does best...




Presented by: Gregg Fletcher & Chad Bijou

Date: 8/10/2014 from 3-7pm

Location: 1687 Sandbar Cir, Waconia, MN 55387

Bring yourself or the whole family for burgers, brats, hotdogs, side dishes & of course the main event Fletchers Famous Sweet Corn on the Cobb!

For those of us that know Fletch, one thing is clear, this guy can cook-a-da-corn!

Yes, I know a lot of smaller things seem to sneak by him time to time but the way he makes his buttery smooth corn is a definite game changer!

Food and beverages (Beer, coolers, juice, pop & water) will be provided and if you are on the lake feel free to park at the dock and take a walk up to the house.

Please click on my email link below and send me an "IN or OUT" and if "IN" please provide a headcount that will be in attendance


<script type="text/javascript" src="//2128463-snphh.myregisteredstore.com/add-a-store.aspx?pid=1&lid=11"></script>



The 2014 WMBLH Summer league is under way!

Please welcome our new additions this year:

Mike Zipoy, Dan Benham, Nick Andre, Bryan Lazorik, Nick Williams, Kyle Kester, Josh Babcock, Gary Olson, Brian Florek, Travis Serafin, Michael Phelps and Jesse Scherber



Turkey tournament this week.    If you have not committed to the ice time for Friday and Saturday nights, please email Tom Battis (tmbattis@gmail.com) or Chad Bijou (chad.bijou@morries.com) for confirmation as soon as possible.  We want to make a fun skate for everyone and that means full benches and two turkey's between the pipes!



Dondo, on the road to recovery!

Finally home and getting settled in I decided to swing over and drop off the gift basket courtesy of all the guys at the WMBLH. Everyone was so nice about donating some cash to humor old John and it was truly worth the cause.

As you can see in the picture above he looks quite happy, but Im still not sure if its the pain pills, beer or the fact that I said I was just leaving that put such a big smile on his face :)

Listing the recovery gifts from top to bottom, left to right.

Sex Sauce & Rock-N-Roll Wife beater shirt, Icey-Hot roll on applicator, "Ride the Pine" Trucker-Hat, Dump & Change T-Shirt, MN Wild 3-Piece Bibs, Remote control Goal light with programmable team sirens (Way cool!!!), MN Wild Foam Glove with beer holder hole & MN Wild cozey cooler wrap, 1 Bottle of Jameson Wisky proudly named "The Wonderer", Next to that you will see a 1.75 of Makers Mark Wisky AKA "Widow Maker", an assortment of pain pils, 24oz Jergens "Extra Healing" 2-stage dual action pump hand lotion and not to mention whats not in the pic is the XBOX-360 "2013 NASCAR Racing" game, Happy Gilmore DVD and a case of Miller Lite with the "Vortex" thing going on.

Well, all seriousness aside John is is going to be riding the pine for quite a while and we all wish him the best and a quick recovery. We hope to still see him at the rink to support his teams and local establishments.

Below you will see the before and after shots of his x-rays to repair his broken leg.

#1 just after the injury occured, notice the bone at the base of the ankle is also cracked along with the diag crack going up the leg

#2 (4) screws at the bottom of the ankle, (2) just up from that, (1) above that and the steel plate that is supporting everything.

#3 Another view from X-Rays

#4 Showing the top with an additional (4 screws for a grand total of what looks to be 10 screws and pins and a long ass piece of steel holding everything together)


NHL Lockout is officially over!!!


Run for the Cup 48 Game season starts January 19th

Now its time to get back to making trips down to St. Paul to support or MN Wild or watching the games on TV at home or at your local Pub!!!

Embrace your team and with the new found talent they have accuried over the past 8 months it should be exciting Hockey

Good luck Zach & Ryan



Here are the details surrounding the 2 games this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend 

A max of 10 players per side and a cost of $10 per game, per player, cost goes to pay for ice time and officials (Ice $156.30 & Ref’s $30) 

Friday Night @ 7:30-8:45pm

Saturday Night @ 9:15-10:30pm

Ref’s are Gunnar Nagy & Jake Rueben

DJ’s will be Michelle Bijou & Tricia Battis & any other wife or girlfriend that enjoys roadies at the rink can assist in the penalty boxes and scoreboard…

And of course, post game celebrations will be held after each game




Players for Friday so far are: 


  1. Goalie C. Beckwith 
  2. Goalie G. Fletcher 
  3. M. Praus
  4. C. Praus
  5. J. Blanchard
  6. M. Hazelett
  7. J. Hanrahan
  8. J. Williams
  9. T. Battis
  10. B. Sites
  11. B. Hornaman
  12. G. Fritz
  13. C. Johnson
  14. D. Siddons
  15. M. Marrs
  16. V. Pelcl
  17. T. Olson
  18. C. Bijou
  19. S. Bijou
  20. B. Clark
  21. J. Conlin



Players for Saturday so far are: 


  1. Goalie C. Beckwith 
  2. Goalie D. Snyder 
  3. T. Battis
  4. D. Siddons
  5. J. Balow
  6. J. Balow Jr.?
  7. G. Fritz
  8. M. Praus
  9. C. Praus
  10. C. Bijou
  11. S. Bijou
  12. C. Johnson
  13. V. Pelcl
  14. T. Olson
  15. M. Hazlett
  16. T. Stucchi
  17. D. Dorholt
  18. J. Williams
  19. S. Williams
  20. G. Solie
  21. J. Solie





Literally this is Breaking News, last week, former REDRUMMER BigBert "Bertuzzi" during warm ups hit starting goaltender Fletcher in the mask breaking the lower portion of his neck protector. Not sure what he was thinking but rumor has it there is a goalie out there looking for some revenge. Some have said that during the wee hours of the mornings Fletcher has been spotted lurking around the downtown streets wearing only a black trenchcoat, his broken mask and holding a goalie stick. My suggestion to all is to avaoid this guy until someone (not naming names) gets him a new neck protector or reimburses him the cost of replaceing it. Until then, enjoy your time off until the next season starts...