Waconia Beer League Hockey
"You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you never take"


Commitment is over-rated

Totally offsides, Totally!!!

Wait its Black VS Blue? Nevermind...

Our #1 fan in the background :(

2 on 2 small area games 6am practice

Who is that? Its Jake from State Farm!!

Busted not watching the play again...

We call him White Lightning

Drink it all in ladies :-)))

Setting up for the Around the World Toe Drag :(

Hold my Beer and watch this!!!

Its blurry cause were that fast...

Go Go speed-racer...

So a blonde walks into a BAR...

Ummmm Marrsy? Whaaaaa?

Left D-Man is open, very open!!!

Dude, what side are we on?

HEY! That guy's giving away FREE BEER!!!

Wait, that was your guy right?

Warming up includes practicing your dive :)

Heard it's bad luck to touch the cup!

Sneaky little bastard!!!

A scene from "Goodwill Hunting"?

Actually "YES" it is your fault!!!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Does not apply! 

Blades down for FTW?

Blades up FTL?

Its not nice to point ya know!!!

Ahhhhhh Snap!!!

Ok, on 3? Ready, 3... 2...1...?

 Anyone seen my glasses?











Great start to the summer 2013

Siren Wisconsin Puchner Classic 2013










The start to the new and improved "BUD/CAPTAIN CUP" for the Summer 2013 Season.

Next comes the polish & stickers!!!

Special thanks to Chad Bijou, Micah Bijou, Morrie's Automotive Group, Tim Hukriede & Chumly's Coctail Bar