Waconia Beer League Hockey
"You miss 100% of the Tequila shots you never take"

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Simply one of the best videos to explain what we do and who we are :-)

How to be a hockey player!!!  http://youtu.be/6KoaMBvw9q8




Me standing by Nick Leddy holding up the Stanley Cup @ Maynards in Excelsior, MN

Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, Guess what day it is? Hump DAY!!!

Top 10 Funny Hockey Moments 2012



Downholers Intro Video





Mens league hockey Xtranormal video



Another Top 10 Funny Hockey Funnies



Made me laugh, wish this really happened


I need to do this more but then it would require me to carry around a sharpie marker


Again with the "True, so very true" rant